Package Deal - CD, T-Shirt, Tote-bag

Package Deal - CD, T-Shirt, Tote-bag

Package Deal:

Buy the 'It's About Time' package deal. Which includes the album on CD and the new black Voltage T-Shirt. And get a Tote-bag for free!


The new album by Voltage 'It's About Time' is released on May 1st 2020.



1. The Last Time

2. One More High To Survive The Low

3. A Good Thing Is Comin'

4. It's About Time

5. Wild and Blue

6. The Mill Blues

7. Born For Runnin' Without You

8. She's Gone Like The Wind

9. I'm Still Waving Goodbye

10. The House Is On Fire

11. The Victim


    Digipack CD

    T-shirt black with Voltage logo. 
    100% Cotton

€ 35,00Price